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Project Description
Sick of using iTunes Backup? Want to selectively backup/restore application settings?

iosbackup is the app which allows you to do this!

Bored of iTunes Backup?
Want a better way to backup your iPhone?


  • Jailbroken iOS Device
  • OpenSSH installed on the iOS device (find it inside Cydia)
  • WinSCP installed (

One Click Backup and Restore

  • Use the Backup button to backup the files to your PC
  • Use the Restore button to restore the files from your PC to your iOS device

How does it work

  • I highly recommend you change the root and mobile password (
  • A jailbroken device allows you to access the entire file system inside your iOS device
  • SMS, AddressBook and Contacts can be found at /private/var/mobile/Library/ (
  • Application documents folder can be found at/private/var/mobile/Applications
  • By clicking Backup, it will copy SMS, AddressBook, Calendar as well as the Documents folder for all applications to your local drive
  • Clicking on Restore will restore all the content from your local drive to the iOS device. Additionally it will do a chown mobile to restore the appropriate permission as well


Donations are welcome, please send them via paypal to taykwana .at. hotmail .dot. com

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